Rohini Manindra, a trailblazing contemperory artist, seemlessly merges traditional texhniques with a modern sensibility creating a distinctive and evocative body of work. With a master Degree in Fine Arts (MFA)brings a profound understanding of contemporary art to every canvas,exhibiting a mastery of both technique and concept.

Recognized with prestigious awards like Guiness Book Of World Records and World Book Records Of United Kingdom showcasing a visionary approach to the ever evolving language of painting.

Rohini Manindra explores the intersection of nature and urbanity through her mix media artworks.Her pieces often characterized by vibrant colours and intricate textures aim to provoke contempletion on the evolving relationship between humanity and the environment.

Armed with an unwavering commitment to inovation, Rohini Manindra crafts each composition with meticulous details establishing a unique visual language that resonates with contemporary audiences.

In addition to a thriving exhibition history Rohini Manindra remains committed to art education, conducting workshops and lectures that inspire the next generation of artists.