• Guinness Book of Records

    United Kingdom

  • Universal Artist Award 2022

  • Show Your Talent SYT

    Best Artist 18-05-2022

  • Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society (KFOAS) Achievement

    Bareilly Uttar Pradesh India.

  • Guinness World Records 2nd edition

  • Participated in Art Expo, NewYork 2022

  • Certificate of Excellence from Absolute Art

  • Painting published in Elixir magazine (India Edition)

  • Painting selected for online 10th International Exhibition 2021

    organised by J&K Centre for Creative Arts, Jammu.

  • Best Artwork Award 2021

  • First Award by Absolute Art in Mural Catagory

  • True Artist Award

  • Awarded by Fevicryl Group

  • Excellent Artwork Award 2021